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Discover the Latest Blogs Written by Karen Rose Kingsbury

Post COVID-19 Travel Blog at Transform Me Travel

Post COVID-19 Travel Blog

Karen’s latest Travel Blog focuses on what travel is going to look like after COVID-19. Innovative plane designs, planet regeneration and online transformative travel experiences are just some of the interesting topics covered.

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U.K. Travel Blog with Karen Rose

U.K. Travel Blog

Karen’s most recent U.K. Travel Blog is dedicated to one of her favourite types of holiday; treehouses! Soothe the senses, indulge in luxury and gather your thoughts in this unique property near Rushlake Green, East Sussex.

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Vegan Travel Blog with Karen Rose

Vegan Travel Blog

In 2018, Karen spent over 6 months in Australia, travelling Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania extensively. Discover the top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne in her latest Vegan Travel Blog.

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Vegan Living Blog with Karen Rose

Vegan Living Blog

In support of Veganuary 2019, Karen published regular vegan meal ideas to her Facebook following and shared her personal experience of the vast Benefits of Going Vegan. Uncover some startling discoveries and plenty of food for thought.

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Copy of A Daintree Roadtrip.jpg

Australia Travel Blog

Travelling Australia was something Karen had planned for years, spending 80% of her time in country living from a campervan in order to capture the true spirit of Australia and see more than most visitors do. Beach Camping became a bit of a thing.

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Copy of 5 Pumpkin Recipes

Vegan Recipe Blog

Veganism is growing at impressive rates. As more and more people look to make vegan swaps to their everyday meals, vegan recipes are in high demand. This Vegan Chilli Recipe is one of Karen’s ultimate favourites, perfect anytime, anywhere.

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